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Silent Atrocity

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So.... Been Awhile [Nov. 17th, 2009|04:25 am]
Silent Atrocity
[Current Mood |Overwhelmed]

It's been a long time since I've posted on this thing and I thought what better now to update than now. Honestly I just need a venue to get some nagging thoughts out because if not I might go loony and that's not good.

So I finished by my time at Job Corps about two or so weeks ago and I've already found a job. I started the process a week prior to leaving and I should mention that I got the position I went for. I was excited about the prospect, extremely but now I'm just not sure. I started on Monday and while it was alright so far, I feel very much overwhelmed and I just started! I mean so far it's not bad but when I was given a sheet detailing what my position was and what it entails... I just froze (internally anyway). I mean it's a great opportunity it really is but it's a lot. I'm certain a lot of people who've just graduated from Culinary School would dream about this, given so much responsibility already having a "Head Chef" title, but damn if those people hadn't been in the field already for a few years. I'm just starting out. This is my first real job in the culinary field and I'm panicking. I simply don't think I'm ready for all this. This is way to much responsibility. I mean at least they're understanding they know it's going to take me awhile to get acquainted with everything but I don't know. My "fight or flight" instincts have kicked in and all I wanna do is head for the door and not look back.

I guess all I can do is give it time but already I don't think I'm right for this position. I wish I'd started at the bottom to have had time to see how everything works myself before being thrust into this position. But I suppose only time will tell what happens now.
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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2009|09:26 am]
Silent Atrocity
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[Current Music |Linkin Park- New Divide]

Wizard World Philadelphia '09 is today. Must remember to bring my camera (forgot to do so during the past week. *Rolls eyes* I didn't get a chance to photograph Chef Robert Irvine; Host for Dinner Impossible!) I'll try to update on my week at the Culinary Expo/ Iron Chef Competition later today or tomorrow. It's been a crazy week and I had a great time!
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Competition Week Cometh! [Jun. 13th, 2009|09:31 pm]
Silent Atrocity
So it's the eve before I leave for Atlantic City for the week for the Iron Chef Competition/ Culinary Expo and I can't help but be nervous. I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be a part of a competition. Let alone a Culinary competition against 16 teams from across the East Coast. I'm nervous to say the least. But I'm also confident in our team and what we can do. We've said time and again that we will win the whole thing. After a month of "Culinary Bootcamp" I think being in the actual thick of things will be more of a relief. Second round, for the most part, is way easier than the first round dishes. I hope after this that I don't have to make another Teriyaki sauce for a long while. Haha. Anyway, I can't wait to see what this week holds for us.
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A Week in the Life of an Aspiring Chef [Feb. 14th, 2009|10:40 am]
Silent Atrocity
[Current Music |Limp Bizkit- Nookie]

So I thought that maybe I'd try to get a little more mileage from my LJ since I've had it forever and have barely used it as much as I could or should have. So let's see. It's the weekend which is always a plus. My feet are killing me. Lemme tell you. Steel toed boots SUCK.

The week that was.... was very very long. But it was a pretty decent week with classes and what-not. Myself and Chef Lotka (Instructor) spent the week throwing ideas at one another in regards to a showpiece for the Iron Chef Competition. So we talked about doing a Pastillage or Gum Paste design of a giant heart shape box with home-made chocolates inside. Or (my idea) a box with fireworks. A few pieces would be sticking out and then we could do some dynamites in the middle. I though it'd be nice since the competition is in June which is close enough to July Fourth to be appreciated. But the work we have to put in it probably will be a lot since it'll be 3-D in design and we have to sand this thing down. On top of that it's going to be very hard to practice if I'm to be doing my internship full time in the cafeteria. (Which is going to be a pain since I'm going to start coming in at 7 am and then later on will be working at 6 am, and lemme tell ya I hate the idea of waking up at 4 and 5 am alternatively. But hey, that's life).

Yesterday as a whole was a good day. We made pizzas and it was kinda fun albeit work. I was the sauce person. And I was being bossy at some of the people that were slacking. What's funny though was that when we were making it Chef Darryl (Instructor/ Head of Cafeteria) heard me mention how I'd like to get some liquor for the weekend and he did a double take on me and asked me what I just said and I tried to play coy. I don't know if I should take it as a compliment or not that he thought I was between 20-21 especially as I just turned 24 this month. It was even funnier the first time he heard me curse. I've been told my curse words "roll off the tongue". And everyone just started laughing. Luis' dumbass had to interject with one of his retarded comments telling people he saw me get a DUI on Septa (public transportation). The joys of classmates and staff, 'ey? Seriously though, I enjoy being around a lot of the other budding Culinarians and professionals. The Chefs are great, although Chef Darryl is tough you learn a lot from him. Chef Lotka... is just Chef Lotka. Haha. I mean you just have to know him. And Chef Irving sometimes just has issues but he's funny and fun. They all are in their own ways. I'm lucky in that I do like my instructors, I actually learn and we have fun even if the work is tough.

What kinda scares me recently is that I've really started to enjoy serving. I don't like people and when I found out that I was going to be the "deli" person during the lunch periods, IE serving people face to face on the sandwich line I was a bit apprehensive and nervous at first but now it's like "let's get this thing going". I mean sure it's just doing sandwiches and only for one lunch period, which is the lighter load of the two, but I'm not so scared anymore and that probably has to do with the fact that I'm so used to it by now. Angelic told me I was a good server because of the fact that I was making jokes and playing around during that point and not letting one person get to me. The times she's served with me she has this angry look on her face that I always have to stop myself from laughing because she looks so pissed off. One of the things that does piss me off though is the fact that people are so piggish. They don't have the decency to throw out their food or put their damn trays where they need to be. Were you not taught manners at home? Or are you really just THAT much of a dirty person? It's disgusting and half the time I wish I could throw the trays at their head. People are so gross at times. I go to class because I want to learn Culinary Arts not to clean up after your disgusting habit. LEARN TO CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES! Furthermore, have the decency to say THANK YOU. Some people have no manners at all.

Hmm, let's see what else. Thankfully I've recovered from the breakdown I had a few nights ago. It's amazing what a few written words can do for the psyche. So that's always good. Other than that I don't think there's much else to talk about. So for now I bid you all an adieu and I hope everyone is doing well, or at least as well as they can be.
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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2008|12:06 pm]
Silent Atrocity
[Current Music |Saliva- Regrets, Vol. 2]

A random post...

MARVEL YOU BASTARDS BETTER NOT KILL OFF 616 SUE! I'LL BE PISSED OFF! (Which if my guess is correct, she won't be the one to kick the bucket but you never know with Marvel!)

That is all. xD

Oh and a giant 'HELLO' to all mein freunds!
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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2008|08:39 am]
Silent Atrocity

My masterpiece! A double-layer banana cake with homemade cream cheese frosting (DELICIOUS!) and a homemade chocolate buttercreme piping frosting, along with coconut flakes at the top and sides of the cake.

I messed up the smile and some of the piping (the designs at the top and bottom of the cake) but I'm proud of it since it was my first time using the icing bag set I got. It's not as clean as the hazelnut buttercreme cake I made in class (which you can see at the bottom of this portion of the entry) but that's because we have a lot of good equipment in class, at home, I have to make due with what I have.

I never thought I'd enjoy baking as much as I do. Granted, I've only tried cakes but there's a level of pride and accomplishment you feel when you see everything come together. Especially when you make your own homemade frosting. When everything comes together it's just exciting.

For those of you who don't know I recently went back to school not college but a culinary program. Cooking has been exciting and I can see myself happily doing this for the rest of my life. It's gratifying work!
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Retrospection [Jan. 2nd, 2008|11:48 am]
Silent Atrocity
[Current Music |Evanescence- Lacrymosa]

Warning: Read At Your Own Caution

It's been quite awhile, hasn't it? My first post of the year and it isn't one you would call "happy". It's one of those retrospective posts that you write when you realize so much about yourself. And for me it's one of those posts that I feel I haven't written in years. It's a good thing I haven't felt the need to write one of these, since these types of posts only made an appearance in the worst times of my life when I lived with the living, breathing, embodiment of evil (and unfortunately he won't rest until he's seen us all in ruin. Gone but not forgotten.... you can't forget something or someone who lives to only harm and ruin).

Let's make one thing clear, I hate life as we stand right now. I'll be honest, I never expected much of my life. I was lucky enough to graduate High School, which seems to be the only graduation I'll get. As for the other things. Happiness? Love? Success? I didn't really foresee any of that. I've been miserable for so much of my life that I was happy with what little bits of joy I did have and never tried to aspire to anything more. I even made it so that what little I did aspire for would be enough. I always aimed low so in that off-chance I got something slightly better I'd be happier. Good way to cope, 'eh?

Then when I did try and hpe for some better, it never came to be. I'm not a big fan of school but once I got into college I really wanted to see it through the end. I wanted to be able to hold my degree high and be proud that I did something for myself. And then when it came to my senior year it all just came crashing down. I had to leave due to financial and personal reasons and to add to it I realized that my chosen major wasn't really for me. I discovered my true passions too late and was stuck in a field that I became very jaded towards. I suppose I can't sai I discovered them too late, I always held a high affinity for one of them, I was going to declare it as my major but listening to everyone else I silence my own wants and went with the "money career". I don't know why I let myself get brainwashed by that thought. I should have been doing what I loved. I should have been a History major, I would have been happy teaching. But no. I got somewhat wrapped up in the dreams of grandeur of having all this money. But what good is money when you're fucking miserable? I know we all have those moments were we say we wished we were rich, but to what end is that goal justified if you have to sell your soul and your own desires to attain it?

Nothing in life comes easy, and it's something I've known my entire life. I was a welfare baby for a bit of childhood, until my mother started working and things were only slightly better. Welfare or job things didn't get better to the point where you could praise God. I always had to watch my mother make ends meet and keep us fed while also dealing with one of the most hateful people I have ever come across in my life. It was hard for her, I know that. And I have no idea how she dealt with all of it. Through it all she was only weak once (an attempt at suicide), and then I don't know where she got it, but she strength to deal with everything around her, especially when things got so bad that my brother ran away and didn't return until 8-9 years later.

Things never got any better, they always got worse. Constantly dealing with the drunken stupors of the "Devil". The constant arguments, and jealousy induced fights. And the constant verbal bashing. How many times was I endured hearing him call me a "rana", "bestia", "puerca". After awhile I just didn't bother and went about my merry way. He was such a hateful person. I couldn't even bring what little friends I had over because of what he would do, and when the first time I did... well it didn't end well. And then there was everything that he did to try to get my mother in jail.... but that's something I don't have the strength to speak on at the moment. You know how they say you should never wish death on anyone? I don't wish death upon him, I wish for torment. I want him to suffer. I want to see life ruin him, to see him as nothing and coming to beg for my mother's forgiveness. I don't care about myself, but all the shit he's put her through, I could and won't ever forgive him for what he did. I hate so much because of him, but not all of that combined could equal the utter hatred I feel for that piece of shit human being.

Sometimes I wonder how I'm even still here. All the times I've been suicidal, I honestly thought I'd have gone through with it and succeeded. One of those mysteries of life, right? I used to have such vivid images of cutting my veins and just watching a pool of crimson form under me. But it never happened. I have to be honest, right now part of me wishes I'd gone through with it but I didn't, so what can you do, right?

I'm less than 30 days away from my birthday. I'm turning 23 and the only thing I have to commemorate that is my failure. I should be doing something with myself. I should have had my degree and been working and trying my best to be living my dreams. But I'm not. I'm just sitting here thinking of how I couldn't even complete college. How I'm going to be 23 and I feel like a total and complete failure with nothing going for her. The only good thing in my life is my friends, my boyfriend, my family, but they can only do so much. It doesn't change the fact that I'm not where I prayed I'd be. And that makes me feel so hopeless and full of despair.

I was hoping that 2008 would be better, but the truth is that already in the early days of the year I have to deal with something I don't want to and it's all thanks to the biggest asshole I've ever had the displeasure of knowing. But like the old saying goes, "Life's a bitch and then you die." It's amazing how it seems that crueler sayings always have the most truth. I'm tired of hoping for the best when everything gets thrown in my face. The little times I've had hope they've ended so badly.

I hate the world. I hate most of the people in it. I just wish I could get away from everything permanently. I wish I could just fade from existence so I won't be tormented by my own thoughts of hopelessness. But I won't get that wish. The only thing I can do is immerse myself to another world and forget the pains of the real world for awhile but even that's slowly collapsing around me... I envy the people who have been able to live their life surrounding by the better things of life. You have no idea how good you have it, so for those that do, I hope you keep living it up and I hope that you never know the pains that others have known for their entire existence.

I guess there's only one thing left to say...

....Happy New Year
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Dante Sparda (Devil May Cry Series)= Dean Winchester (Supernatural)? [Aug. 31st, 2007|02:36 pm]
Silent Atrocity
Sometimes I amaze even myself. So here I was eating pizza (fitting) and just having random thoughts in my head when one popped up out of the blue. I don't know how I managed to rationalize this but.... Dean Winchester (from Supernatural) is the live action equivalent of Dante Sparda (Devil May Cry Series). As such, it would explain why I love these characters so much. Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) aside, because the man is gorgeous and I want what he's got, all day everyday. *clears throat*

Let's go through some facts:

Both Dante and Dean have a mission to weed out and destroy evil just as their fathers before them had before they passed away. And even though no one knows what happened to Sparda there's a strong possibility of death; and for the sake of argument I'm going to assume as much.

They both have brothers. Vergil being Dante's older twin brother. Sam being Dean's younger brother. (But then most of us do.)

Both of their mothers were killed by demons. Which fueled their families actions. The Winchesters became hunters, hunting anything of the Supernatural sort that endangered the lives of others. Dante became a Demon Hunter in hopes of finding his mother's killer, and also to protect others. And Vergil well....we all know.

They went through hell and back (literally) to save their brothers in some form or another. Dean practically sold his soul, and Dante regardless, of what he may have said still followed Vergil into hell to fight him, stop him, and deep down, hoping he could save him from the darkness in his soul.

They're amazing fighters. They kick ass and take names later. I gush every time I see Dean fight. And come on, how can you not gush when you play as Dante?

They run into a situation regardless of the danger, especially when it means someone's life is at stake.

They've sacrificed so much for their missions, for the hunt. They can no longer go back to normal lives. Not when deep down they both know if they were to stop that innocent blood would be spilt. They're in too deep but ultimately both realize that this is for the greater good.

They do what must be done, even if it means taking out someone who became and unfortunate victim in the fight against darkness. They make the tough decisions, the ones done for the greater good.

They defy the odds. And even when things look their bleakest they manage to overcome great obstacles. (But then so do most major characters, but it's still a notable mention!)

Both Dante and Dean are smart asses to the fifth power.

They like to drink.

They both like food, which includes Pizza and we all know Dante loves pizza like no one else. And everyone who watches Supernatural knows that Dean loves food and what human being DOESN'T love pizza?

They're flirts. And they're practically "Sex on Two Legs." Can you blame any of the women (possible men) who come across them to feel any sort of attraction to them?

Let's not also forget that their names both begin with "D". How could we miss that, ey? ;-)

And lastly they're just gorgeous men. What? I had to put it. It's true!

All in all, I feel that Dante and Dean are counterparts of the other in different forms of media. Sure they're going to be different in some aspects, Dante being a half devil and Dean being a human, but it seems that they've lived through similar situations which has defined who they've become.

They lost their mothers, losing an integral part of their childhood. There's nothing more scarring than losing a parent, and more so, when it's the person who literally gave you life and thus one of the closest bond. Their fathers died for their causes. Died to save people, to protect them. Their brothers lived two very different situations than the others. Vergil was "raised" by demons, and Sam had to live with the images and the heartache of losing two women he loved so much, his mother and his girlfriend.

Dean and Dante have sacrificed their very lives to destroy all who wishes to plague and kill the innocent. They've already lived through pain and loss first hand and they fight to save others from that fate. They're men who know who they are and don't shy away from their true personalities even if it makes them seem cocky and arrogant. At the end of the day though, they're both noble characters. They fight for others with no expectation of reward or recognition. They're the unsung heroes. And frankly, the type of people I'd have watching my back any day.

This is to Dante Sparda and Dean Winchester, two of the best characters out there to date, and hopefully for a very long time.
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Long Time No Post [Aug. 5th, 2007|08:41 pm]
Silent Atrocity
It's been quite awhile hasn't it?

According to LJ it's been about 7 weeks, if not more. But up until the past week or so there wasn't a point to update. I'm not a person who can update everyday regularly unless I have reason too. And I much rather save you all from my comic rants. That was then though. Things will change now. Bwa ha ha ha!

Anyway, I quit Verizon! Those bastards were working us like slaves. We were working 6 days for about 5 weeks straight and I sure as hell wasn't going to let it be a 6th, 7th, or 8th weeks. What burned me up most was the fact that it was only the Spanish operators getting this horrible work weeks. Most of the English operators were getting their 2 days off and that just isn't fair. So this is a big F.U. to Verizon. I held off for longer than I wanted, and the only reason for that was because I didn't want to leave Alfonso (The other Spanish operator who worked my shift) and Bernard (the man in the Vader picture). I loved working with them. They were great and we became such great friends. It was bittersweet on my final day, but it was best this way. Working there you saw the faces of some of the people who were working there for 10, 20, 30 years and they were so miserable and I told myself I would NEVER be that person. So I got my cojones and I did it. I feel bad for leaving the brunt of the overnight work with the rest of the operators. (Alfonso moved to the morning time after I left) but hey, you can't always do things to please people.

Now that that's out of the way, I got a new laptop today! My old Dell Inspiron was on its last days of life and the amount of spam and freezing I got was too much too handle so I did something I'd never do. I just got a new computer. I mean, it was tougher now because I wasn't working. But it was my money and I earned it with hard, exploitative work. I got an Acer Aspire. But I was just inches from getting my dream laptop,a Toshiba, but it was sold out! (This happened yesterday). I was so heartbroken, you should have seen by face. But then I decided to go to a Circuit City up at Willow Grove with my brother (spent the whole day together, it was pretty awesome) and I went for it. And it only cost $349! You can't beat that price for a brand new laptop. Of course, because it was cheap I decided to get a teeny upgrade adding a gig of memory. Finally I have a new laptop, I've got a scanner which is actually working and sometime this week I should be receiving my Digital Camera so Mari has FINALLY got the things she's wanted for a VERY long time.

And to celebrate the fact that I have a brand spanking new laptop and scanner I've made some promised scans for Jess!

You guys click on it and read some of the awesomeness too. Mind you it's not the beginning of the series because I couldn't find earlier issues but either way the first 12 scans of.....

....You'll have to click me to seeCollapse )
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(no subject) [Jun. 18th, 2007|03:55 am]
Silent Atrocity
It's been a better week/weekend that I imagined it to be. So many good things happened this week that really made it special. It was also a good week to be a comic book enthuast and live in Philly.

Firstly, I got my nose pierced on Tuesday. I went out with my brother and his girlfriend because one of her kids was getting his tongue pierced and I tagged along. When we go to the place I was looking around just wondering how much a nose piercing cost. It was pretty cheap to say the least $7 is always a good price to pay. When my mother found out she had a fit. "Why'd you pierce your nose. Your nose is going to fall off" etc. It was funny. Anyway there isn't much she can do about it now, since it's done. It feels weird and it gets me psyched. I always wanted to pierce my eyebrow too, but let's see if I go through with it. I don't want too many needles piercing my skin, after all.

On Wednesday, "World War Hulk", came out and man, let me tell you, they don't cease to amaze me with how much Iron Dickery they have running around in their books today. ENOUGH ALREADY! Stop the character assasination you have on Iron Man. Jeez, it's bad enough you made him do all this crap during Civil War, and now that his behind is about to get smashed by the Hulk you have him punk out and try to make a deal with Dr. Strange and all the other uneregistered heroes to stop the Hulk. He even went as far as trying to send the Hulk off somewhere else. In the least, Dr. Strange manned up to what he did as an Illuminati member and told him to deal with the Hulk in the here and now. *sigh* Tony will get what he deserves, both he and Reed because they've dickified Reed too. I mean using Doc Samson to try and use a kid's (Amodeus Cho, an albeit insanely smart kid) tragedy, against the poor kid, to put a stop to him meeting up with the Hulk.

*sigh* Sue, if you can read this. Go down to Atlantis and have hot Atlantean sex with Namor! Stop denying your attraction for Imperius Rex! The King of the Seven Seas. Namor is so freakin' hot!

*smirks and winks at J-bin*

Now for the Creme de la creme of the week. Wizard World Philadelphia 2007!

This past Saturday was just amazing. I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd go to a comic book convention, let alone so soon as everyone knows I'm a pretty new fan to the comic book spectrum, but it was an experience I wish I could re-live again. Myself and a co-worker/ friend, B, decided to go to the Wizard World Con together and it was so much fun. Aside from the insanely cheap comic books (so many 25 cents, 50 cents, 75 cents, and dollar bins all around the place) all the people you got to see and meet. All the people who dressed up as characters, it was just incredible. We even got to hear Joe Quesada (Marvel Editor-in-Chief) and Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers, Illuminati, Mighty Avengers, New Avengers writer) speak. Anyway, I must chronicle the day!

We met up at around 1:20pm and headed to the PA Convention Center, and when we got in there we just looked around like tourists. The place is not only huge, but it's beautiful. A little fun trivia, it's supposed to have the largest dealer floor in the world (according to the website anyway). After marveling at the building we went to the "Advance Ticket" area and got ourselves our free comics Fantastic Four #546 and Fathom. Then we headed right upstairs to the dealer and man, did it hit you when you got onto the floor.

It was packed. The comic stands, autograph sections, artist sections, the PS3 gaming sections, and the card gaming sections. We started off going off to the various comic book sellers. I bought so many issues of the Fantastic Four and Namor the Submariner that it isn't even funny. So cheap too. From 50 cents to $1. I squeed with fangirl glee! And oh snaps I got my Fantastic Four Unlimited, which is hard to find. But I found it! Then we went off to go to the various action figure vendors. B bought a giant Thor action figure, only because I told him to get it. xD He was a little hesitant but tis Thor, I say to thee. We kept looking around, I kept buying more comics and just looking out for any possible Captain America shields for him. Unfortunately we didn't find any but he did get himself a Cap shirt which he was excited about. After we had a good share of our 1 shopping spree of the day we went to where the "famous" people were.

Jess, I met Dave Tango and Steve Gonsalves from Ghost Hunters! I shook their freakin' hands and even talked to them. I was so psyched! I will say, that Steve does love wearing that hat of his, doesn't he? xD

Walking further we saw Lou Ferrigno (or however you spell his name) he was the man who played the Hulk in the 80s series. He looked sorta pissed. Can't blame him really, I'd be pretty mad too if I went from Hulk to a Convention regular.

After we left that stand B met with Darth Vader and he went fanboy on me so he made me take his picture. After that I was stuck hearing him brag about taking a picture with the Vader. I wanted to kill him. I had to keep telling him that I knew since I was the one that took it.

We eventually met with emo Spider-Man (was wearing the black suit) and we both took pictures with him. Nice guy, says he's doing fine given the circumstances, you know Cap being dead, Aunt May in the hospital. Told me MJ was doing okay too, best of luck to them (as long as they're not the movie versions, well movie version of MJ cos I HATE Kirsten Dunst as MJ)

Me and B went back to looking and buying where I bought another buttload of comics *squees with delight* Around this time we met up with Iron Man, he was walking around all like "Look at me wrong and I'll throw your ass in jail". It was funny because B went up to him and said "You killed Captain America!" and Iron Man turned around and said "Well he should have registered." It was hilarious, at that point I was laughing so hard. You had to be there to hear the tone and just the timing was perfect. It's become our in-joke now. Everytime I think about it, I burst out laughing, definately one of the finer points. I wish B would have taken a picture of the suit though, it was actually pretty well made, the helmet even looked like what you would see in the comics. Anyway, walking further he discovered the shirts stand and once again was going fanboy on me over the Captain America shirts.

About 2 hours in it we left to get some stuff to drink (because things in these little shindigs are ALWAYS overpriced) and then we were back to spending! Where, you guess it, I bought even MORE comics. By the time we left (around this time we met up with Blade) I was hungry as hell so we went to Chili's and then caught the bus home where I had to put my things away to get ready for work. Needless to say I was DEAD at work but it was well worth. Single-handedly one of the best Saturdays I've had in a VERY long time. It was so exciting and so much fun. But word to the wise bring a good camera because depending on camera phone sucks.

Ohh list of all the comics I purchased:

Fantastic Four (That's a given)
Namor the Sub-mariner (One can never have too much Subbie)
Nightwing (Same reason as Namor)
Manhunter (Because I've heard good things about it)
Ghost Rider (Brother)
Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness (Brother, aswell)
And Revelations: Books of Gabriel (Because I got conned into buying it xD)

Now that I've finished re-telling the events it's time for what little pictures we did manage to take!

B and Mike CottonCollapse )

B and Darth VaderCollapse )

B and Spider-ManCollapse )

Wizard Magazine logoCollapse )

As you can see I don't take nor like taking many pictures of myself, if at all. So all you get is B-ness. xP
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Quick Hello! [Jun. 9th, 2007|11:30 am]
Silent Atrocity
This is going to be a quick hello to let people know that I'm alive and blah blah blah. Proper update next week. It's gonna be a good week a lot of things to look forward too but I'll get into that later.

And also I had to share these. They are just too funny to go unseen. I loved them, absolutely loved them.

Click the links for pure, unadulterated, hilarious, stupidity:

Yo, Don't mess with Uncle BenCollapse )

...You took our Director and left us with the Rush Hour Dude!Collapse )

The next video, is without a doubt the funniest:
Magneto:...A movie made by David Goyer who made 'Batman Begins'; Prof. X: And made 'Blade Trinity' I believe; Collapse )

If you enjoyed that watch the first videos of this person, they had me laughing out loud AND rolling over. More 'ItsJustSomeRandomGuy' Videos
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Admitting My Feelings [Mar. 21st, 2007|04:35 pm]
Silent Atrocity
I've been very much reminiscent since yesterday. It started at work when I was talking to one of my co-workers and he mentioned about taking a trip to Barcelona and just instantly I thought about Tamuril.

Man, Tamuril Goldenbard, it's been ages since I've really seen that name anywhere, hell even thought about that character, and the entire time during work I just thought about getting home to read some of my old chatsaves.

I'll be the first to admit. I miss DW. Not as much as you think, but I still miss it. I miss the good times. When everyone would sit in the Great Hall and have some random conversations about who knows what. I miss the Damien/Tamuril dynamic. I miss the Tamuril/Abigail dynamic. I miss the Tamuril/ Jess dynamic. And I miss the Tamuril/ Godric dynamic. I couldn't stop giggling when I read one of the old chatsaves of Tamuril and Abigail talking about noodles. Simbo just sitting there looking at them both like they were nuts. I couldn't stop laughing at the infamous Kai and Tamuril conversation about "Dogs Barking".

Then there were the times when Mari Magistra was still alive. Mari and Godric were the perfect couple. They were crazy in love, and just plain crazy but it worked for them. I know I speak to J-bin about this but I still remember vividly when they first met, when Mari and Godric were sitting in the Great Hall and Godric poured that blue pwder over the fire. It began a long lasting friendship both in DW and outside of it. Then of course, when they got together it was ten times better. Especially since them getting together was sorta messed up since Mari had hooked Godric up with one of her friends (IE one of my real life friends who I got into DW) and they broke up only for God and Mar to hook back up. Man, I think they were one of the lasting couples there. And then I killed her off on a whim. I still remember crying the day after realizing I just killed a part of myself. Because no matter who you are, if you're an RPer you invest your time, effort, and emotion into those characters. But nonetheless I still remember the happier times. The Magistra family Hannah and Lynn. Aww, especially Hannah she was a sweetheart both in and out of DW. God, I miss those happier times.

No matter what anyones true thoughts on Deckleswood may have been, it brought you closer to people you wouldn't have otherwise ever met. I mean, I met J-bin, Jess, Krissy, and Adrien there. And I was very lucky because those four were and still are my pillars when I find myself at my most low.

JaimeCollapse )

JessCollapse )

KrissyCollapse )

Then there's Adrien who will never see this but it still won't change what he did for me. Regardless of what he may have thought he was a great friend. And such a strong emotional support. I miss him dearly and although he wanted to be forgotten eventually, I'm sorry to say that will never happen. He'll remain in my memory and my heart regardless of how everything went down. I've forgiven him for how abrupt everything happened. Hell, I forgave him the instant I read that letter. I loved him for the great friend he was. And I can only hope that everything is well for him and that he's living his life the way he wanted.

“Lapras”Collapse )

The Spardan WhoresCollapse )

”Macho”Collapse )

And now that I’m done saying my peace I’m going to go play some Devil May Cry. I doubt it’ll happen though because I’m feeding my other need and we all know how that goes.
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R.I.P [Mar. 7th, 2007|11:41 pm]
Silent Atrocity
Wow...I'm still in complete and utter shock. Sure I'd read the rumours but I'd hoped so badly that they were that....just rumours and today comes the truth.

Posted and talked about on so many radio talkshows, news networks, hell even newspapers...

The Death of Captain America

I'm shocked and angry at all once. I mean what a way to go. Not heroic at all. They took him out like he was trash. Shot in the head by a sniper. I'm just...wow...

...And now comes the mourning. Real or not, you invest your time in these characters and when something like this happens it is shocking and it does make you depressed.

Marvel you've let me down....you've let me down bigtime. Sure I'm angry at Cap's death but man couldn't you have killed him during Civil War? Give some meaning to his death? So you made him into wuss and killed him off like a common criminal....you value your characters as much as I value my cats shit.

Rest in Peace, Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America....
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Tsk Tsk [Mar. 6th, 2007|11:37 pm]
Silent Atrocity
So pretty much this is a debate a friend and I had. It deals with what was more of a joke and then ended up as a pretty long and awesome debate.

When we debate about what we care aboutCollapse )
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The Train Wreck That Was.... [Feb. 23rd, 2007|12:35 am]
Silent Atrocity
I can't even begin to say how disappointed I am at all these turn of events. This was bad, no actually, it was TERRIBLE.

Months of hype, 6 solid issues (sorta, issue #5 was sorta lacking, but I loved seeing Sue and Johnny so it was pardoned) and then we get to this craptastically terrible "finale"?

This was NOT a finale, it was an abomination. Sure no one gives two shits about this, but GOD DAMMIT I have to rant! People know I don't usually complain about things to this level but I have to for this.

Civil War #7 was a train wreck. It sucked. Where the hell was my big hyped up fight?! 3 freakin' panels?! Three damn panels to determine a battle that's supposed to change the Marvel landscape? Seriously, dude, what the fuck is wrong with you Marvel?

Oh I know what's wrong. They all got together in the damn editing room, pulled their pants down, and took a nice long shit on all the characters they created and on all the fans. And you have Millar laughing to damn bank with what he created.

CAPTAIN AMERICA DOES NOT GIVE UP! He's a god damned soldier why the HELL would he be so shocked at the collateral damage that some buildings got outside? Dude, you lived through WWII you've seen this shit before. Argh. He gave up! He gave up in the middle of the battle and left everyone scratching their heads. CAPTAIN FREAKIN' AMERICA GAVE UP ON HIS OWN GOD DAMNED MORALS! And do you know why? Because FASCISTS are running Marvel now. But what do you expect from a company that axed the great Stan Lee, who MADE them into what they are today.

Should I be this angry? Maybe not, but the fans had high hopes for this series. And they just gave everyone a big "fuck you". It's amazing to me how some fans actually sat down and thought this was "great" and that this was a "logical" ending. How is it logical that a SOLDIER gives up because a few buildings got destroyed? That everyone seems to have forgotten the events and you have the Black Panther shaking hands with the man of the "year" Hank Pym. That is NOT in the Black Panther's character. He's a prick and arrogant and a very intelligent man who has honor. So why the hell would he eat everything he's said in his own book and "patronize" with the enemy?

Argh. And then there's Iron Man. Yes, the hot and sexy Iron Man. The Iron Man who has been portrayed like the biggest jackass since George Bush. He's full of himself. No. He's beyond full of himself. And now he's head of SHIELD and about to create a fuckin' police state of the Marvel Universe. Oh yes, how wonderful like we need his character to be even more fucked up.

I want my damn World War Hulk. I want Hulk to SMASH EVERYONES head in. Take no prisoners. Hell take off his pants and stick it up Iron Man and Reeds asses, and Hank's too. YES! I said that. Me the person who has been goo goo gah gah over Tony Starks and Reed Richards but they deserve. (And don't even get me started on how lame it was for them to have Sue go back to Reed. I would have taken those kids and left his sorry ass.)

In the end, Marvel you let me down. What the hell was this? I'm going to close my eyes and make pretend this doesn't exist but when I pick up the next few issues of the New Avengers I'll be reminded of this crap. *sighs* I should just stick to DC.

....Nonetheless this is the end of my rant.

I leave thee with a parting gift the words on everyones faces pretty much sums it up:

Gotta love the drawings

And now, I will go back to obscurity and gush over my prettyful Green Lantern/ Corps because they're the only ones who haven't let me down. (And don't you fuckin' let me down Geoff Johns.)

Very soon:

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From the Darkness Into the Light....for 10 Seconds Anyway [Dec. 6th, 2006|02:12 am]
Silent Atrocity
Retardation Ahead:

It's only made my love for a certain Ironed Man grow. <3

And the Punisher entrance. That was brilliant.

And finally Cap's "Hell Yeah." Beauty.

"Reinforced glass, Pinko! Blog about that shit!"
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Icons [Nov. 15th, 2006|09:35 pm]
Silent Atrocity
[Current Music |Leaves Eyes- Tale of the Sea Maid]

It's always nice to have moments of creativity. I realized that I'd been making icons but not a lot of DMC related ones, so I did a couple.

The Advent Children ones, were made awhile ago. A LONG while ago, but I never got to upload them.

Use if you like, I don't care about being credited or any of that jazz.

DMC and ACCollapse )
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Another Anomaly of a Post [Oct. 25th, 2006|01:56 pm]
Silent Atrocity
I wasn't planning to post anything in awhile but I've been at work and bored so I've been reading and watching stuff and guess what? I'm going to be very nice and share them with you. ;-)

Firstly, click on all the links down there I couldn't stop laughing and (swooning like a mad woman) when I saw this. The best part was seeing that dog take a shit. xD...I'm such a guy when it comes to humour, I find anything that deals with bathroom and bodily functions to be insanely funny.


The Meeting.

The "Talk".

"Suck my tiny yellow balls."

Do you see how freakin' sexy he looks? That damn goatee is exploding my brain with all types of hotness.

Anyway part two: I present to you the Flash, doing what he does best....being the Flash. xD

He's pissing off Batman. (It was even funnier when I watched the entire episode).

Can anyone explain to me why I have the hots for the Martian Manhunter? >_>

Batmobile and it's wheel. That right there is one of the reasons why the Flash is one my favorite DC characters. I couldn't stop giggling. Seriously, I NEED to get the Justice League season DVDs, if not, I'll go insane.
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It's not porn, I swear! [Oct. 21st, 2006|10:35 pm]
Silent Atrocity
I spent most of the day today just working on icons since it would be one of the last full relaxing days I'll have in a long while. Starting next week one of two things will happen. I'll either become an even bigger ghost (just not around) or you'll see more of me. It all depends. I'm going to hate working these split shifts. But let's not think about that, I'm going to enjoy my weekend the best I can.

Icons? They better not be crappy!Collapse )
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A little Creativity [Oct. 16th, 2006|08:40 am]
Silent Atrocity
But nothing too much.

I don't know what's going on, I open Photoshop and nothing seems to be coming out lately. I wanted to make so many icons last night about different things for different people but no matter what I did my brain wasn't in there. I managed ONE icon, that I think looks tacky....(=\) and that's it, an icon which I'm sporting right now.

...Anyway, it's not much and unless you're reading this or know about this you probably won't know or care but I made some banners: xP

^My favorite banner because it has two truths that I'm willing to tell the world. u___u

^ I made this one because in light of the Civil War, as well as Planet Hulk (I got some of the issues this weekend, and it's freakin' KICK ass. Jess, you should SEE the pictures, Hulk is looking good. xP) I realized that the Hulk being sent to exile was what jump started everything.

^ The regular version.
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